Book of Eibon

Session 2 / Prologue

In the dark grim night, Jacob with his hands inside his pockets, moves stead-fast to a place where he is sure that he will find safety…

This wicked rain never stops, making his hair wet;
He put his jacket’s hood on. Better this way, in case
someone or that back from the sewers follows him.
He now has a better chance blending easier within the passing souls.
Rotonda is not far away.
A couple of minutes and he will be able to look up again.
Reaching the outer yard of the old church makes him follow his ritualistic way of entering once again. Check the rear two times, look behind, wait, look again and climb.
Falling down gives him the creeps, did he just fall… oh the irony… He sways the thoughts right away – no need for overthinking simple problems right now.
He knocks, twice. The big wooden old door creeks once again, reminding him the very first night of his unlife that was marked by this unholy sound.
The door is fully open and Jacob passes inside the Haven of the God.

Closing the door behind him he runs down the hall.
He can hear everything. Nobody, nothing breathes right now.
Who were these guys? Are they mad? No time for answers, after all he came across with armed people numerous times..
They all ended up dead or missing.
For now, he must seek his Sire, that damn douchebag who can’t stay serious for more than a minute.
He grabs the automatic gun from one of the black-dressed mortals. With a quick flow of steps he is in the exit of this, now marked with blood of sheep, apartment.
On the last step he hears… nothing.
That is strange, Allan says to himself…
Lowering his back, he steps only on his toes, gun-pointing his sight, moving slowly as his ancient blood commands him to.
His senses having reached their apex capabilities are his guide and he knows that.

Use your all of your senses and try to stay close…
How many times she had heard that from her… but she knew that this was her way.
Michaela stood behind her, probably about one step or so.
Her Sire moved within the shadows casted by the tall building opposite of the road.
Striking from the rear, Michaela recalled this sentence.
Inside the bloody veil of darkness reflecting all reality, the duo started moving up this multi-apartment building.
They reach the front door, and it is wide open. Walking steady and stealthily they start walking up from the stairs…
After the third turn of the staircase,
a man dressed in black and holding a gun, sees them…or not.
His eyes meet the eyes of the night stalkers breaching his area,
but he seems unaware of the fact.
Umbra smiles, trying to not be seen by her own child.
She was born in blood, raised and damned by blood. She seeks the blood.
And now she will taste it once more.
The man falls in his knees, his eyes now speaking the invisible horror he is feeling… His mind tries to conceive the way he died. But no.
He will be reduced to dust, and he will never know what took him down.
Is there anything else more tragic than this? Dying without knowing why?

Why was Jacob was in such a hurry?
Many thoughts were crossing his mind.
His Sire ,Lady, had both warned him many times about
the unpredictable nature of the fellow Damned.
Was this just another strange behavior of just another Kindred?
He focused.
The reasons that should make Jacob or any other member of his so called cotterie behave like this, was none of his business – at least upfront.
He should keep his distance without being neutral.
Neither helping nor being friendly.
He should remain in the middle. “Everything will be better this way” he concluded.

“This way”, she said, pointing at the door that was slowly opening.
Michaela took a quick step against the wall, trying to cover the down half of her body.
She didn’t know who or what might lurk ahead. Umbra jumped up front, only to find herself looking at the grave eyes of Allan. She stepped back, and raised her hands in a non-hostile manner; a way of saying “We are on the same side here”.
Allan mirrored her body and remained silent, looking at the two female figures in front of him. Michaela made a step forward, making herself seen. After some useless words were exchanged, they walked down the stairs. Was this meeting destined? Time would tell…

“Tell me what happened”, Victor said softly. He had just met Jacob a corner away from his haven – “Precautions” as Lady always said.
Jacob recalled everything he could remember, and started explaining.
He then made a long pause, re-thinkinh everything from the start.
Victor nodded; He knew Jacob wasn’t a circus moron, trying to get attention.
It was a matter he would delightfully attend to and offer his help.
Eye for an Eye was Favor for a Favor nowadays…

They decided to visit the Elysium, calling Allan in the way.
Allan answered: he was on his way there, too, with Michaela, after they had left his Sire’s haven, letting Umbra investigate – or whatever else she was into…



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