Book of Eibon

Session One / Prologue January 03

Session One “Gather the dead.”
January 03, 2013

Prince hosts the 81th gathering to celebrate her ruleship
and the division of the last year’s areas and authorities.

NPCs:Cressida. Hieronymus. Lady. Nancy. Nikolaos. Valeria.(-) Virgil.
Lamia. Fellipe. Arhs.

Assemble of the characters within the same room.Introductions.

Virgil starts the hearing with the following subjects.
- Hunters – Virgil / confort with Nikolaos.

- The recent arsons on Carthians Movement areas. – Virgil / Lady’s comments.

- Aknowledgement of the neonates.

- Declaration of the Prince.

- Informing of the Bloodhunt on Anarkos.

- Virgil/Cressida Declaration of the new cotterie.

- Virgil asks of the cotterie to find a lost vampire instead of him.
Name:Isabella Clan:Mekhet

End of the Meeting.

End of the Night.

Next night.January 4 2013.

Allan : Finds his Sire been hunted by hunters in the area.

Victor : Apex Circle’s Zak Mendeli arrives at the Estate.

Jacob : Come across one strange man wandering his haven.


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Session One / Prologue January 03

Jacob: Meeting with Lamia one week from January 3rd at the Elysium

Session One / Prologue January 03

True story, will add it..

Session One / Prologue January 03

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